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Poogeon, an endless tower-defence-shooter-arcade style game in which you play as a pigeon on a mission. Poogeon's main quest is to foil his enemies' plans to destroy his home, which has been pigeon territory for generations. The weapon he wields is his poop, which he uses indiscriminately to chase them away.

Do you dislike pigeons? Do you dislike them for the fact that they're incessant pooping machines and a menace to society? Well, all that maybe true. But, have you thought about it from a pigeon's perspective? Imagine how much fun it would be for these "skyrats". Or even better, experience it for yourself on Poogeon!

As a player, you will need to position Poogeon to hit your target enemies. Poogeon provides players challenging physics-based gameplay, hours of replay value and is very addictive. The game becomes increasingly difficult as you progress. It will test your reflexes, timing skill, and hand-to-eye coordination using the gyroscope. Don't miss or let enemies get to the other side of the screen or else your poop meter runs low and your game will end.
Poop your way to glory and get the best score you can. Challenge your friends and ask them if they can doodoo better than you!


- Evolving difficulty that helps players get attuned to the gameplay
- Extremely helpful power-ups and devastating bad powers
- Limited revives to achieve the highest score possible
- Gyro based gameplay like you've never seen before

***IMPORTANT: Please note that you require a device that has a gyroscope or accelerometer to be able to play this game***

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